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testing mother fucker Nov. 30th, 2004 @ 08:19 pm
whocareswgd: hi nates friend
HallmarkPunk: hello
HallmarkPunk: his name is Natedogg
whocareswgd: i see
whocareswgd: ill remember that
HallmarkPunk: good
HallmarkPunk: call him that all the time
HallmarkPunk: WHO is THIS?
whocareswgd: paula
HallmarkPunk: soooooooo
HallmarkPunk: u guys goin out?
whocareswgd: no
HallmarkPunk: thats not what natedogg has been tellin me
HallmarkPunk: just messin
whocareswgd: i see
whocareswgd: i have to talk to nate dogg about that
HallmarkPunk: lol
HallmarkPunk: so how u doin paula
whocareswgd: doin good
HallmarkPunk: youre a girl, right?
whocareswgd: ya good guess
HallmarkPunk: yeah i can sense these things
whocareswgd: so you live in SD
HallmarkPunk: yup
whocareswgd: with nate dogg
whocareswgd: nice
HallmarkPunk: where you from little lady
whocareswgd: pasadena area of LA
HallmarkPunk: are you in a gang?
whocareswgd: how did you know
HallmarkPunk: told you
HallmarkPunk: i can sense these things
whocareswgd: you really can sense things
whocareswgd: you could have a career of a cable psyic
HallmarkPunk: wow
HallmarkPunk: you have it too
HallmarkPunk: thats what my major is
whocareswgd: lol
whocareswgd: together we could read the minds of millions
whocareswgd: where do you go to school
HallmarkPunk: lol
HallmarkPunk: the number 1 community college in the nation
HallmarkPunk: Grossmont Community College
HallmarkPunk: im transfering to cal poly next year
whocareswgd: wow talk about prestege
whocareswgd: that cool pamona or slo
HallmarkPunk: not pamona
whocareswgd: san luis
HallmarkPunk: woot
HallmarkPunk: SOOO whats goin on paula
HallmarkPunk: there a lot of gay people up there?
whocareswgd: lol
whocareswgd: ya but i don't personally know too many
whocareswgd: they keep to there own kind
HallmarkPunk: good
HallmarkPunk: segregation
HallmarkPunk: is for the best
whocareswgd: lol true true
whocareswgd: people are really open about that kind of stuff so its weird
HallmarkPunk: ew
HallmarkPunk: u mean they have like gay sex in the open?
whocareswgd: you have the maturity level of a 5th grader, congrats
HallmarkPunk: thanks
HallmarkPunk: my mom says im cool
HallmarkPunk: i dont need to be mature
whocareswgd: thats all thats important
HallmarkPunk: maturity is for fags
whocareswgd: lol point proven
HallmarkPunk: paula
HallmarkPunk: we were going good
HallmarkPunk: until you started being a bitch
whocareswgd: hmmm i cant really help it
HallmarkPunk: you sound hottttt
whocareswgd: i don't mean any of it seriously
HallmarkPunk: me neither
HallmarkPunk: im just a smartass
whocareswgd: ummm thanks
HallmarkPunk: welcome
whocareswgd: i picked up on that
whocareswgd: the smartass vibe
HallmarkPunk: eminating all the way from here in SD
whocareswgd: its pretty strong
whocareswgd: nate just put up xmas lights
HallmarkPunk: lol in the room?
whocareswgd: ya its cool
HallmarkPunk: the feds are monotoring our convo
HallmarkPunk: and thats a firehazard
whocareswgd: lol
whocareswgd: this conversation never happen
whocareswgd: ed
HallmarkPunk: i know
HallmarkPunk: i know
whocareswgd: well it was nice talking to you
HallmarkPunk: yeah
HallmarkPunk: was cool
whocareswgd: i m gonna go watch chris rock
HallmarkPunk: you seem pretty cool
HallmarkPunk: ok
whocareswgd: ty
HallmarkPunk: bye bye
whocareswgd: bye
whocareswgd signed off at 8:09:10 PM.

Nov. 30th, 2004 @ 08:16 pm
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